Babes and Butts and Brews, oh my!

About this event

We’re inviting all daring dames and brazen broads to strip down, gear up, and hang out with us on March 15th at Bluebird Backcountry. Women from all backgrounds, as well as femme-leaning, non-binary folks are invited to explore the safe space we’re creating in partnership with Bluebird Backcountry.

No, it’s not just because we want to experience the caress of crisp mountain air on our nether regions. We want to celebrate ALL women - aged, youthful, hairy, hairless, tattooed, wrinkly, curvy, dimpled - and all of the rad things they can do.

Spend the day cruising around Bluebird (clothed), visiting women-led vendor booths, and connecting with other cool chicks. Then join us in the afternoon for our magnum opus, our pièce de résistance, our NAKED SKI LAP.

Here's what you need to know about Boot Tan Fest:

  • 21+ event
  • $69 per ticket, which gets you into the event, access to the entire mountain, free booze, live music, fresh swag, and more!
  • Bring your own backcountry gear or plan on renting. You can't get onto the mountain without a beacon, probe, and shovel. See our FAQs below for more info about this.
  • There are no lifts or lodges at Bluebird Backcountry, so be prepared for some type 2 fun! Bring water, snacks, warm clothes, you know - adventure necessities.
  • If you identify as a man, or identify as a masculine-leaning, non-binary individual, this probably isn't the event for you.
  • Grubbies by McDevitt Taco Supply and Bluebird's Snack Bar!


What's included in my ticket?

  • Your event ticket gets you full access to Bluebird's mountain and the entire Boot Tan Fest. We will have 15+ vendors including food and beverage vendors and live music in the afternoon. Some of our awesome sponsors will even be slanging free swag! Plus, you get the chance to make 300 new lady friends who have a passion for the outdoors, which is priceless if you ask us.

Where do I park?

  • Parking at Bluebird Backcountry is limited. We will provide shuttles to the overflow lot to get you to and from the fest!

Can my dog come?

  • Hell yeah! The more dogs the merrier. Bluebird offers a dog pass for an extra $10. Add it to your cart at check out. Remember to pack all the necessities that your furry friend needs to stay safe, warm, and hydrated. Not sure if your dog will dig the backcountry as much as you? 

Can I camp?

  • 50 vehicle camping spots are available at $25 a pop. If you want to snag one, add a spot to your ticket at the checkout! There are no hookups but there are lots of other cool things including fire-pits, sunset views, and luxurious port-a-potties. What more do you need? 

Will there be any dudes there at all?

  • For safety, some male ski patrollers will be on the mountain. They will not attend the Naked Ski Lap but will be on call nearby should any safety issue arise.

Do I have to ski naked?

  • Of course not! But we promise the day will be THAT MUCH BETTER if you do. This event is really about connecting and celebrating women, but doing so in a scenic, backcountry ski setting. The tits-out aspect is for fun but it's also a way to challenge our lady community to dig deep, be brave, and show up totally and completely vulnerable. Because it doesn't get much more vulnerable than wearing your birthday suit, in the winter, on a backcountry ski run.

I don't have gear, can I still come?

  • This day is based on backcountry skiing. Bluebird has extremely limited rentals and require a beacon, probe, and shovel to even enter the backcountry (via skis, board, or snowshoes). Once you've figured out what you need, contact local shops, friends, et. al to scrounge up some stuff! Bluebird will rent gear day of, on a first-come first-serve basis, but again, their supplies are LIMITED.

I'm new to skiing, can I still come?

  • You can. But, again, the backcountry is serious! Please keep in mind that Bluebird Backcountry doesn't have lifts or a ski lodge to chill in. The Naked Ski Lap will take place on an ungroomed, blue run that requires everyone to skin up (clothed) and ski down (unclothed). It's probably going to be more fun, and safer for you, if you're at least proficient on your skis or split-board and can actually enjoy touring around the mountain for the day. 

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