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Swaggy Sampler

Byte Variety Pack comes with 6 total bars. You will experience all of our amazing flavors in one Swaggy Sampler. Read more about our delicious AF (And Fun!) flavors below: 

Beanie's Seedy Cherry Byte: Peanut Butter and Date based bar with dried cherries, cinnamon, all the yummy seeds, and MCT Oil. 

So Extra Choco PB Chip Byte Bar: Peanut Butter and Date based bar with oats, almonds, coconut, & MCT Oil. 

D-Bomb Peanut Byte Bar: The first ever BYTE BAR! Peanut Butter and Dates are the base of this bar, with oats, almonds, coconut, and MCT Oil. Sustainable fuel that packs a punch!

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Jamie F
Healthy, filling, and just the right amount of sweet

These are my favorite bars in the crowded bar market - they're more filling than Rx Bars, just the right amount of sweet, and they come in cool packages that have a sticker my son loves. I get a box a month and I still run out!

Swaggy Sampler Review

They're good, I gave them a 4 star review ..
Good consistency, taste, and feel good n chewy in my mouth ..
IF they were larger I would have still liked them ..
I don't count calories or carbs, and just wanted a snack food - these did just fine ..

Love These!

I really like Byte bars, they're perfect to take on the go and I like that the ingredients are real!

Nico Virgi
Delicious and love the Size

The bars are delicious! Taste is good and i love taking them while climbing or hiking. The size is nice cause I can just pop them in my mouth and keep doing my activities!

Anna Klingfus I

After ordering your sample pack of bars, I found that not only did like and enjoy them so did my husband! He’s a picky guy when it comes to eating bats.